About us


"MDM Print" LLC is a company with responsible attitude to environment. We recognize that economic activity can affect the environment. We are well aware that we are obliged to conduct business in a way that minimizes negative impacts that our activities may have on the local community.


In terms of caring for our area we are actively developing connections with local schools, we try to provide all possible support to other organizations. Being concerned about the environmental situation and behaving in considerate and socially responsible manner, we support the ecosystem of the region, together with the local community.


"MDM Print" LLC undertakes to perform various activities to minimize all possible negative impacts on the environment in accordance with the concept of economic efficiency, taking into account the views of the local community, our customers, employees, suppliers, as well as regulatory bodies and other interested parties. We will develop our business in accordance with the requirements of the legislative and regulatory bodies, such as the Forest Stewardship Council and forest certification schemes support program.


"MDM Print"  LLC fully complies with all requirements mandated by the Russian legislation and the requirements and obligations set out in the approved regulatory documents prepared by the Agency for Environmental Protection and other organizations. Our organization takes measures to eliminate or reduce any potentially adverse impacts on the environment as far as practicable.


Chief Executive Officer
Shaun Hunter
General Director
Vugar Ragimov
Production Director
Oleg Petrov
Commercial Director
Olga Pesnya
Chief Financial Officer
Fedor Kazanov
Chief Engineer
Murad Akimov
HR Director
Maria Bondareva
Logistic Director
Dmitry Malanichev